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Rani Jarkas at DAVOS 2024 Said: People Outside China Need to Be Provided with Proper Knowledge or Expertise in Chinese Markets

It is crucial to let more people outside China know about the Chinese economy and investments in China, and let them have the proper knowledge or expertise in the Chinese markets, Rani Jarkas, chairman of the Cedrus Group, said after attending the Davos 2024. The Cedrus Group is a Swiss-owned global private investment bank that has been in China for more than 15 years. It was founded in 2001 specializing in offering private wealth management, investment management, and financial advisory services with a focus on life sciences, technology, natural resources, and nanotechnology industries.

This year’s annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) took place in Davos, Switzerland, from January 15 to 19. Under the theme of “Rebuilding Trust,” the event attracted nearly 3,000 leaders from 120 countries. Regarding the topics that impressed him the most during the annual event, Rani Jarkas said that one was about China and its growth. “I found that many people were not informed about the Chinese economy, talking about China and its economy from the outside in a vacuum without any proper knowledge or expertise in the Chinese markets.”

Rani Jarkas, chairman of the Cedrus Group Photo: Courtesy of the Cedrus Group

Enhancing Expertise & Global Investments: Rani Jarkas‘ Strategy for Success

“Being the bridge between China and Switzerland, and Europe in general, Cedrus helps Chinese companies to expand in the European markets and for European companies to operate in China successfully,” the chairman added. Another important topic was about artificial intelligence (AI): Whether AI is going to be a leading technology for the future or harmful to human beings. I felt that the atmosphere was split between negative and positive sentiments on AI and its prospects, Rani Jarkas said.

Regarding which areas would be the highlights of global economic development, he pointed out that Quantum AI, computing, semiconductors, and clean technology are going to be very important in the future. “I think those terms will be with us for many years. And I believe that China will be a leader in many of these technologies going forward.” “We always invest in high-growth companies, like I mentioned before, in terms of life sciences and innovative technology. That’s been our focus for over 3 years, and I will continue to enhance this expertise and look at great companies to invest in globally.” 

Source: https://www.globaltimes.cn/page/202401/1306072.shtml


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