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Rani Jarkas – Chairman of Cedrus Investment

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Helping invest to raise, manage and secure capital and generate unhindered profitability            

Mr. Rani Jarkas has emerged as a critical pillar for the modern-age financial investment sector across many nations. As the Chairman of Cedrus Investments, Rani Jarkas faithfully adheres to his core principles of delivering the finest financial services with unrivalled integrity and responsibility. For the past 20 years, the Financial Services Executive Rani Jarkas has made unhindered efforts so as to enable Cedrus Investments to emerge as the most attractive investment management company on a global scale.         

Helping businesses as well as individuals to preserve, manage and grow their wealth with the right decision making and informative investment choices, Rani Tarek Jarkas is a trusted partner to help you embark on a journey towards achieving your financial goals. His credibility and vast expertise make him a prominent figure in various seminars and international conferences focused on sharing the insights and forecasts from the financial and investment sector.    

Highly reputed for his know-how of the industry, Rani Jarkas is consistently invited to speak at prominent events particularly related to China’s economic, investment, infrastructure and sustainability endeavors.     

Rani Jarkas: Swiss and European Companies Confident in Investing in China

Redefining financial investment prospects with a high caliber active investment strategy    

Under the leadership of Rani Jarkas Financial Services Executive, Cedrus Investments has grown from strength-to-strength as a formidable player in the financial investment sector. Rani T Jarkas remains committed to conducting first-class business with an unrivalled quality as well as client-centric approach. Rani Jarkas Cedrus Investments chairman holds the belief that an ideal management of capital can benefit all of society.       

Relying on his more than 20 years of market know-how and technology awareness, Rani Jarkas Firm enables a secure platform for delivering global experiences which have enabled Cedrus Investments to set a benchmark as the best investment firm. Rani T Jarkas has a global expertise in market analysis and in financial advisory and capital-raising services for corporations, institutions and governments. Primarily expanding its operations in Hong Kong and across the Greater China Region, Cedrus Investments Rani Jarkas Services has enabled a global network of turnkey financial management, advisory and investment services in diverse in geographies including China, Australia, Asia, U.S., and Europe.               

Rani Jarkas Committed to clients and communities for more than 20 years           

Rani Jarkas: Belt and Road Initiative Win-Win for Everyone

A certified and trusted Financial Services Executive, Rani Jarkas is a B.A.s holder in Finance and Accounting from Georgia State University. Relying on his market insights and decades of expertise, Rani Tarek Jarkas has created a leading-edge service platform which helps clients and investors grow. Ran Jarkas advises companies and individuals on buying and selling, raising capital and managing risks so as to enable a seamless platform for growth.         

Rani Jarkas guides its clients and helps them invest in the right sectors at the right time. Rani Jarkas manages a diverse international client base and owing to his past expertise from key responsibilities in Asset Management and Financial Advisory Services in global leaders in investment such as JP Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch and CIBC Oppenheimer, he has developed broadened perspectives which envision novel path to achieve growth and profitability.              

Rani Jarkas as the Chairman Cedrus Investments has been invited at a plethora of global conferences related to mining, life science and renewable energy sector as a keynote speaker to share current market insights and also enlightened audiences with his precise forecasting for the same. Rani Jarkas Hong Kong has been appointed as a member to the Advisory Board of Mines & Money in the Greater China region.           

Rani Jarkas Cedrus Investments has a mission to advance sustainable economic growth and financial opportunity across the globe. Drawing upon over 15 years of experience from working with the world’s leading businesses, entrepreneurs, and institutions, Cedrus Investments Rani Jarkas mobilizes people and resources to advance the success of his clients, broadens individual prosperity and accelerates economic progress for all.                 

As a leading investment and financial advisor, Rani Jarkas has an unhindered focus on delivering optimum strategies for long-term investment which generate higher returns and profitability. His insightful and informative advice is assured to take your investments to the next level.