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Rani Jarkas – Chairman of Cedrus Investment

Private Wealth Management & Certified Financial Manager 2023

Rani Jarkas is frequently invited to participate as an expert and guest speaker in events related to China’s One Belt One Road initiative, mining and life sciences sectors. Such events include the Mines & Money conferences, 121 Oil & Gas Investment, 121 Tech Investment conferences, CNBC, Hong Kong and Australia Biotech Invest Partnering conferences. Moreover, Mr. Jarkas has been appointed as a member to the Advisory Board of Mines & Money in the Greater China region.

Prior to founding Cedrus Investment, Rani Jarkas had held senior-level asset management positions at some of the world’s leading investment firms, including JP Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch and CIBC Oppenheimer.

Rani Jarkas is stationed in Hong Kong in 2023 and fluent in English, Arabic and conversational French and is a Certified Financial services executive. He holds B.A.s in Finance and Accounting from Georgia State University. He is also known to have a global perspective, entrepreneurial spirit, a competitive nature and a history of success. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Rani Jarkas was the number one squash player and among the top-ten players in the U.S. for six consecutive years.

Rani Jarkas, Chairman of Cedrus Investment, joins a Keynote Investment Panel: Show me the Money where investors discuss the criteria they look for when assessing junior companies and small projects at Mines and Money Asia in Hong Kong on yearly bases.

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Rani Jarkas’s Designation

B.A.s in Finance and Accounting

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Chairman of Cedrus Investment


Certified Financial Manager


Rani Jarkas Media Exposure


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Cedrus Investments’ Chairman Mr. Rani Jarkas is Invited to Speak at the Hong Kong Biotech Invest and Partnering 2018

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