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The disruption of global markets from pandemic and the lessons to learn for investors

The onset of the pandemic in the early part of 2020 resulted in a hard hit on the global economy and supply chain. Market crashes and hyperinflation were the immediate consequences and today even after two years since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the uncertainties over buying and overall spending behavior remain omnipresent.      

The stability of the stock market as well as the values of market assets have been significantly disrupted by the pandemic and since the great depression, this has been the biggest event of financial and economic collapse witnessed on a global scale.       

The influence of Covid-19 on investment market performance, opportunities and behaviors       

As it has been almost two years since the international investment markets took a tumble from the Covid-19 lockdowns and disruptions, we are witnessing a steady recovery in performance and incentive terms.          

The panic, vulnerabilities, risks and lack of opportunities for investment that were rendered with the onset of the pandemic caused global stock markets to crash and as a result inflation rose to a new high internationally.        

As suggested by the Financial Services Executive Rani Jarkas – Chairman Cedrus Investments, March 2020 was the most critical and unsettling economic event of this century but it also proved to be a tough lesson in investment terms. The sudden market shutdowns, manufacturing halts, supply chain blockades and healthcare crisis have resulted in an abundance of lessons to learn from so as to ensure a vital preparedness for the future waves of pandemic that are likely.           

Key takeaways from the pandemic crisis for investors and investment markets         

Despite the challenging circumstances as faced across decades, investment markets have an undying resilience to recovery swiftly and in a way take maximum possible advantages by adopting a flexible approach towards buying and spending.    

Learning from crisis is a positive of the investment market and here we have discussed the lessons we were taught by the pandemic so as to ensure a readiness and tackling attitude for the challenges to come ahead –       

  • Now is the right time to invest   

There is not a better time to invest than “now”. Opting to wait for a suitable or safer time to invest amongst the current market volatilities doesn’t warrant you profitable investments every time. With the noise of crisis, a majority of key profitable opportunities get ignored and thus can be availed at comparatively lower capital spendings.      

Rani Jarkas Hong Kong with his 17 years of expertise as a key Financial Services Executive and Chairman Cedrus Investments offers a comprehensive range of financial advisory services that support your endeavors to invest for maximum incentives and empower you financially.        

  • The world never ends      

As opposed to what the majority start to believe as we face a global crisis, there is always a solution, a remedy and in case of the coronavirus pandemic, a cure. Panic is never profitable and for investment markets, making uninformed decisions in a state of fear can prove determinantal for your financial prospects. While it is unwise to not react, your actions must be well calculated and achieved at the optimum time.        

Rani Jarkas Financial Services and investment planning guide you to be steady and optimistic even in harsh times so as to reap the maximum possible incentives while focusing on damage limitation as well.      

  • Technology is the future     

The undeniable integration of technology in every tangible element that exists makes evident the monumental scope of investment in the same. Throughout the pandemic, the ideas and technology solution as novel as the virus itself outpaced traditional solutions and processes so as to enable a safe, sustainable, cost-effective and highly profitable action scenario suitable for use across diverse sectors be it healthcare, academic, political, marketing, etc.    

With the vital global market insights and unrivalled expertise of Rani Jarkas Cedrus Investments, you are offer comprehensive guidance in raising, managing and securing investments while focusing on unhindered profitability.

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