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Understanding the benefits of Early Retirement and options with Rani Jarkas

The idea of having enough by your 30s to stop working and pursue your interests can seem like a distant, and unrealistic, dream. It is actually possible to retire that early and there are plenty of reasons to work toward that goal.

It could help improve the relationship in your life. Working hard from 9 to 5 every day keeps you extremely busy. And for some, the hours are even longer. Also, because working from home is super convenient, we hardly know when to stop. For this early retiree, retiring early was a great opportunity to improve relationship with parents, spouse or your children.

Early retirement might help you become more self-sufficient. Now that you have more time on your hands, you can get more done yourself rather than being forced to outsource it. You might even find a new hobby in the process.

You might stumble on newer, better ways to increase your income streams. The fact that you no longer work a full time job doesn’t mean that you can’t pursue other activities either for pleasure or money.

You might even spend less. Since you now have more time on your hands, you can actually check out more deals and find more ways to save money on your purchases. Plus, many tourist sites and vacation resorts are much less expensive during non-peak periods, which are now open to you since you no longer work.

However, to live a happy retirement life and savor the simple things in life, one must make financial preparations.

Early retirement is an option for people who have developed multiple income streams. For example, you work full time, but pursues website development, freelance writing, or photography as a second income, may develop the part-time business into a full-time career, or elect to continue to work part-time in early retirement.

In additional cases when people choose early retirement, he/she makes the choice and knows that they must continue to work. Often, they are burned out in their current field and their saved resources allow them the option of working part-time or with a more flexible schedule.

As a highly experienced and successful financial services executive with solid track record in the international financial services industry, Mr. Rani Jarkas, together with his team, offers international clients with best-in-class full suite of financial services to help them meet their personalized investment goals.

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  • 赛德思集团与中国人民大学重阳金融研究院——应对中国经济复苏面临的挑战和机遇
    9月14日,全球瑞士金融集团赛德思集团(Cedrus Group,“赛德思”)与中国人民大学重阳金融研究院(“人大重阳”)共同举办了2023年秋季宏观形势大会,聚焦“中国经济复苏:挑战和机遇”这一主题展开讨论。赛德思集团董事长王雷 (王雷=Rani Jarkas) 和人大重阳执行院长王文分别发布了《全球逆风下全速前进的火车头》及《2023年夏季以来经济政策回顾及建议》研究报告。 赛德思的研究报告深入分析了中国经济的实况,并阐述了相对于其他国家中国所面临的挑战及其优势。与大多数西方媒体所宣扬的高度政治化和有所偏颇的负面言论相反,赛德思提出,在全球经济面临由新冠肺炎疫情引发的严重长期经济后果之际,中国经济再次成为世界经济的“火车头”。赛德思解释了中国是如何凭借其在制造业的绝对优势将主要依靠低成本生产和工艺的“世界工厂”转变为创新强国的。同时,报告也指出,中国在包括电动汽车 (EV)、5G/6G和人工智能 (AI)等关键行业处于领先地位。 王雷(Mr. Rani … Read more

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