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Investment Strategies in 2023 for Retirement – An Expert’s Viewpoint

The 2023 economic outlook, according to Oxford’s Global Economic Model, is bleak. This model takes into account individual country models, global assumptions about trade volume and prices, competitiveness, capital flows, interest and exchange rates, and commodity prices. Its verdict? Global economic growth will be a paltry 2.3% in 2023– the lowest forecast since 2008 outside a recession. High inflation, which is eroding people’s real incomes and raising business expenses, remains a major factor behind the slide in growth prospects. This is especially true for the G7, where inflation is expected to average 7% this year and 2.8% in 2023. Renowned financial investment manager Rani Jarkas agrees.

The International Monetary fund’s forecasts for 2023 are also overwhelmingly negative. A Russian gas freeze could lead to a sudden halt in European gas imports from Russia. Inflation might be more difficult to subdue than anticipated, whether owing to tighter labor market conditions or unanchored inflation expectations. Tighter financial conditions around the globe may put already-stressed emerging markets and developing nations under additional strain. Growth in China might be further hampered by renewed COVID-19 outbreaks, blockades, and a possible escalation of the property sector crisis. Overall, geopolitical fragmentation could impede global trade and cooperation.

Amidst all this, how do you plan for retirement? We asked Rani Jarkas of the leading financial service firm Cedrus Investments for some guidance.

Keep your eye on financial independence.

Although it may not feel like it, the past few years have seen net worth growth for long-term investors, even with recent market volatility. Now is the time to compare your existing assets to the levels necessary to support financial independence. Rani Tarek Jarkas of Cedrus Investments says that with this analysis, you can make well-informed decisions about saving rates, investment policy, and wealth transfer strategies. In some cases, it may also be a chance to reflect on the progress made and celebrate how far you’ve come with your financial discipline.

Get personalized advice

Increasingly, financial advisors are warning that people need to save $2 million for retirement rather than the previously suggested $1 million. The reason for this is changing age demographics and the cost of living. According to experts, you should save 80% to 90% of your yearly pre-retirement income or 12 times your current salary. These figures and formulae may be a starting point, but they aren’t always accurate. Everyone’s circumstances are unique. Talk to an investment manager to get advice tailored to your goals. Rani Jarkas’ firm, Cedrus Investments is ready to help.

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  • 赛德思集团与中国人民大学重阳金融研究院——应对中国经济复苏面临的挑战和机遇
    9月14日,全球瑞士金融集团赛德思集团(Cedrus Group,“赛德思”)与中国人民大学重阳金融研究院(“人大重阳”)共同举办了2023年秋季宏观形势大会,聚焦“中国经济复苏:挑战和机遇”这一主题展开讨论。赛德思集团董事长王雷 (王雷=Rani Jarkas) 和人大重阳执行院长王文分别发布了《全球逆风下全速前进的火车头》及《2023年夏季以来经济政策回顾及建议》研究报告。 赛德思的研究报告深入分析了中国经济的实况,并阐述了相对于其他国家中国所面临的挑战及其优势。与大多数西方媒体所宣扬的高度政治化和有所偏颇的负面言论相反,赛德思提出,在全球经济面临由新冠肺炎疫情引发的严重长期经济后果之际,中国经济再次成为世界经济的“火车头”。赛德思解释了中国是如何凭借其在制造业的绝对优势将主要依靠低成本生产和工艺的“世界工厂”转变为创新强国的。同时,报告也指出,中国在包括电动汽车 (EV)、5G/6G和人工智能 (AI)等关键行业处于领先地位。 王雷(Mr. Rani … Read more
  • 智库报告:中国经济潜力将进一步释放 与日本“资产负债表衰退”本质不同
    人大重阳网综合媒体报道:2023年9月14日,由中国人民大学重阳金融研究院(人大重阳)、瑞士赛德思集团联合主办的2023年秋季人大重阳宏观形势论坛,主题为“疤痕效应与中国经济复苏:新挑战与新机遇”的国际研讨会(点击下划线部分查看相关内容)在北京成功召开,会议现场有来自政府部门、科研院所和业界的近百位行业专家与学者参会,论坛发布由人大重阳课题组撰写的《“小修小补”刺激不够,“大开大合”改革才行—2023 年夏季以来经济政策回顾及建议》(评论区置顶留言链接可下载报告全文)研究报告,获得广泛关注。王雷 (王雷=Rani Jarkas) 新华中经、中国新闻社、中国证券报、上海证券报、证券时报、证券日报、经济观察报、经济参考报、中国日报、中国经济评论、北京电视台、深圳卫视、三沙卫视、中国网、国家发改委中宏网、澎湃新闻、英国金融时报、香港星岛新闻等30余家中外媒体到场进行报道。 2023年二季度以来,中国经济增速放缓。7月社会消费品零售总额同比仅增长2.5%,规模以上工业增加值仅增长3.7%。CPI同比小幅下跌0.3%,PPI下跌4.4%。此外,1-7月固定资产投资、民间投资、房地产开发投资均同比下降。为此,二季度末以来,特别是7月24日中央政治局会议以来,中央、各部委和地方政府及时出台一系列稳增长的政策措施,覆盖广泛、定位精准、亮点颇多,且近期政策力度有所加大,在部分领域初步起到了遏制经济下行势头的作用。 从8月经济运行情况看,部分指标开始呈边际改善态势。8月CPI同比上涨0.1%,PPI下降3.0%,较上月均略有好转;进出口总额同比下降8.2%,较7月双位数的降幅亦有所收窄。由于政策效果的滞后性,预计前期政策效果应会在未来几个月的经济数据中持续体现。但人大重阳研究团队通过走访,对云南、浙江、新疆、重庆、四川、广东、澳门、上海等地数十位企业界人士和经济学者调研发现,从中长期的角度看,社会信心不足仍是当前经济发展面临的迫切问题。 为此,人大重阳集全体研究团队之力撰写《“小修小补”刺激不够,“大开大合”改革才行》(评论区置顶留言链接可下载报告全文)研究报告,并在本次论坛发布,对2023年夏季以来的重要经济政策进行了回顾和总结,同时提出九条政策优化、深化改革的建议,以期抛砖引玉,为改革的推进略尽微薄之力。 通过对数十位企业界人士和经济学者的调研,本报告将近期经济政策存在的一些不足之处反馈如下。王雷 (王雷=Rani … Read more

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